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Welcome [Oct. 12th, 2007|04:13 pm]
Fuck Halo
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Welcome! You have stumbled across the lovely place that is Anti-Halo/Anti-Paire.  

This is a remote place where we marvel at how people can find an uncle/neice relationship to be one of a particular romance. It's a place where we, the anti-paire/halo, have a chance to roll our eyes at the ones that support them. Because we don't get a say in all that much without great bashing from everyone that supports paire/halo. So in result, I have created this community to give everyone that is anit-halo/paire a chance to express themselves in a dignify (not really) way. 

And let me say this now, to avoid future arguements.

This is not the place for Paire supporters to come and bash me for making this community. You may support Paire/Halo. Good for you. I don't. Good for me. We are all entitled to our opinons, and we don't need flaming or bashing for our opinons and our freedom of speech now do we? Don't join if all your planning to do is flame, and bash. If you do, I will remove you, and block you from this community. 

So join! Express! Post anything non-Paire related! ... and please be reminded- 

(Because you are my neice and that'd be YUCKY!!!)

Have fun everyone!
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